Hudson Valley News Network Anchor Charlie Cornacchio interviews Stephanie Mauro, College Planning 101

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Why You Should Hire College Planning 101

Stephanie Mauro is the owner and founder of College Planning 101, Inc. With almost 10 years of experience, she is well versed in the college admissions and financial aid process. What motivated her to begin a career in college planning was the realization that students are graduating with $600 to $1,000+ per month in student loan payments. When she found out there was a way to help students reduce those payments she got involved with college planning.

Almost every client gets more than their fee back because our service helps position the student for free money from colleges that a lot of people miss. We take our students and families through a thorough process, using an amazing program, that helps them make informed decisions which has translated to merit and need-based monies a family might have otherwise missed.

Stephanie has held hundreds of educational seminars at libraries and high schools. Her seminars have helped thousands of families understand what it takes to get into college today as well as understand the financial aid process. She has professionally helped hundreds of families through the entire process of getting their student to the right college at the right price.