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Having college planning 101 as an asset through our school search has been nothing but amazing. Thanks to Stephanie and her Coworkers, what should’ve been the most stressful and nerve racking part of growing up became a walk in the park. Sure, we had to play our part but every step of the way and every question, no matter how simple, she was there. From the bottom of our hearts we really cannot thank them enough, and without a doubt recommend their services.
— Karen Salvatore

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Admissions And Financial Aid: What It Takes To Get Into College Today

In this seminar, parents will learn: How to maximize your student’s potential to receive scholarships, grants and other forms of merit-aid; the importance of the SAT & ACT tests and how colleges value them; and what the more selective colleges really want to see on your student’s application. The difference between the FAFSA and CSS Profile financial aid forms and how they affect the cost of college.  What financial aid really means to a family and how need is determined.  We will go over the parental and student assets that take away from qualifying for financial aid.  How the financial aid system works and why it’s important to have your expected family contribution (EFC) calculated before your student visits colleges.  You’ll be shown a timeline to successfully complete the college planning process and how it’s possible to attend a private college for a public college price. Don’t miss this informative seminar! Read a complete seminar description.

Student Seminar: Creating Your Path To College

High school years are critical in the college planning process. There are so many tasks that need to be done and dates that you need to be aware of. This class will give students a timeline of what to do throughout their high school years so they’ll be ready to apply for colleges. Students will also learn how to keep track of important events and successes in high school and create a resume they can continue to work with as they progress through school. In addition, they will learn about the differences in the ACT & SAT tests and gain an understanding as to which test they would do their best. Read a complete seminar description.