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At College Planning 101, we have a diagnostic test that students can take to identify whether they will do better on the SAT versus the ACT exam. This information gives students additional leverage and saves unnecessary time on taking both tests.

The SAT/ACT Diagnostic was designed to help students figure out which test they’re more likely to score higher which allows them to study for that test alone. The SAT/ACT Diagnostic saves students time, frustration, and money because it does away with prepping for both exams.

By prepping for the “right test” students are more likely to get into their top choices and become the recipients of meritorious money.

Choosing the right standardized test to take is critical to gaining admission to the college of a student’s choice. We have witnessed just a single point on the ACT keeping a student from getting merit money, and one point higher awarding a student a full-tuition scholarship of $37,500. Preparation is imperative.
Did you know that most colleges do not have a preference between the SAT or ACT? Most students are likely to do significantly better on one test versus the other. Find out which test is right for you.

Benefits of Taking the SAT/ACT Diagnostic Test

Thank you so much for your help so far - your help has been incredibly, so fantastically valuable and we couldn't have done it without you!! You have made this essay writing/editing process soooo much easier!! We are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel in this college application process!!

Tricia Y.

Having College Planning 101 as an asset through our school search has been nothing but amazing. Thanks to Stephanie and her coworkers, what should've been the most stressful and nerve racking part of growing up became a walk in the park. Sure, we had to play our part, but every step of the way and every question, no matter how simple, she was there. From the bottom of our hearts we really cannot thank them enough, and without a doubt recommend their services.

Karen Salvatore

We started with the College Planning 101 staff in 2014 with my daughter being a Junior in High School. In every aspect that she needed guidance and help each one of them was there for her. It made things less stressful for us. As my daughter had questions throughout college and literally after getting her masters degree the team has still been there for her! Thank you College Planning 101 for being so professional, patient, courteous and also still there for her!!!

Paula Ciccone

Stephanie has taken so much of the stress out of the process of not only finding and applying to colleges, but also figuring out payment and scholarship options. Without her help my dad and I would've been completely lost. Not only did she provide guidance before I even began applying to colleges, she also continues to be of aid every year when it came time to fill out the FAFSA and apply for financial aid. She quite literally has helped my dad and I save thousands of dollars throughout the entire process in realistic and doable ways. Paying for college can be extremely stressful, Stephanie has absolutely helped in making it less so.

Molly Litton