Did you know that most colleges do not have a preference between the SAT or ACT? Some students do better on one than the other.

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SAT/ACT Diagnostic Test… So Students Take the Right Test

Here at College Planning 101 we have a diagnostic test that your student can take. After taking this diagnostic test, your student will know which test they would do better on. This gives the student leverage and saves them time from taking both tests….which is not necessary.

The SAT/ACT Diagnostic was designed to help students figure out which test they’re more likely to score higher on and then to study for that test and only that test. The SAT/ACT Diagnostic saves students time, frustration and money, because it does away with prepping for both exams. By prepping for the “right test” students are more likely to get into their top choices and become the recipients of Meritorious Money.

Choosing the right standardized test to take is critical to gaining admission to the college of your student’s choice. We have seen one point on the ACT keep a student from getting merit money from Northeastern in Massachusetts while we have seen one point more get a student a full tuition scholarship ($37,500) to Salve Regina in Rhode Island. Prepping is imperative!!!

Taking this diagnostic test will:

  • Save students from taking “the wrong test”Save students time
  • Help students to gain more acceptances to the colleges of their choice
  • Help to reduce the cost of college tuition
  • Help parents to save money on test prep
  • Provide a roadmap for individualize test prep
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